Client Testimonials

Clients for Meals On Wheels represent the value and difference we bring to the greater community of Saint John. Not only do they represent diverse backgrounds with diverse needs, but also embody their love for a life-changing network focusing on independent lifestyle. We boast of a strong and loyal client base who have found an inimitable friendship with our services.

Here are some of the testimonials from our valued clients talking about their experience with Meals On Wheels.

“The meals are very nourishing and filling. I cannot eat the entire meal most of the days. I relish all their meals, even their deserts are all very tasty.” – Elsie

“The meals are delivered on time and they taste amazingly well. Their chicken pot pie and their cabbage rolls are delicious. Even I could never prepare them so well.”- Nancy

“Meals On Wheels services are very convenient. High quality cooked food served at my doorstep. I eat only halal food and they even serve me that. Honestly, nothing more I can ask for.” – Stephen



Volunteer Testimonials

Our volunteers make Community Meals On Wheels an amazing organization it is. Since 1973 volunteers have driven through rain or shine, sleet and snow to deliver meals to those who need them. They are vital to MOW’s Service. This is what echoes some of their thoughts around MOW experience:

“I have been a volunteer for over 17 years and it’s really great. You meet people and it only takes about an hour a day” – Skip

“It’s about going out there and doing something good for people!” – Rob

“You get to meet all kinds of great people and you become friends with them!” – Dave


Also hear from one of our lovely volunteer couples about their volunteering experience with MOW and clients:


Adopt-A-Route Testimonials


For our adopt-a-route program, this is what employees from Irving Oil, who have been associated with the same, have to say:

“We have truly enjoyed our volunteer experience with Meals On Wheels. We’re grateful for the opportunity to give back to our local community in a way that is easily manageable during our regular work day. As co-workers, it has also allowed us to make connections with new team members from across our company”

At Irving Oil, we’re happy to be given one day off to volunteer each year through our company’s workplace giving program, called Good Energy in Action. Through the program, employees are encouraged to find ways to give back to our local communities. The experience has been rewarding for all of us and an excellent team building opportunity.”