The price for Frozen Meals is $7.00 a meal. Does not come with a dessert.
Frozen Meal orders are placed on Tuesday’s between 9am-2pm. Minimum order of 7 meals

We have classified each meal, with a diet code. You will find each item’s code(s) beside its description. Use them to select the meals suitable for your diet.
The definitions are below.

D Suitable for a Diabetic Diet.
Try these, along with your dietitian’s recommendations.

GF Gluten-free.
These meals do not contain any gluten proteins or wheat.

LC Low Calorie.
These meals contain 120 calories or less per 100g.

LF Low Fat.
These meals contain 3g or less of fat per 100g.

LS Low Sodium.
These meals contain less than 140mg of sodium per 100g.

V Vegetarian.
These meals contain no meat, however they may contain dairy such as milk, vegetarian cheese and eggs.



Beef Stew: With squash and mashed potatoes. (D, GF, LC, LF, LS, V)
Chopped Swiss Steak: In tomato gravy with squash and mashed potatoes.(D, LC, LS)
Shepherd’s Pie: Ground beef with gravy, corn, peas, and carrots topped with mash potatoes.Served with mixed vegetables.(GF)
Pot Roast: Potato wedges with gravy and mixed vegetables. (GF)
Salisbury Steak: Blend of pork and beef served with mashed potatoes, mashed carrot/turnip & peas.
Spaghetti: Multi vegetable sauce with meat served with blueberry crisp.
Meatballs: BBQ Meat Balls served on rice with potatoes wedges and corn.
Meat Lasagna: Lasagna served with a brownie.(GF)
Hamburger Stew: PEI grass feed beef, carrots, parsnips, turnips and potatoes with mixed vegetables on the side.
Brown Beans: Baked beans, carrot & turnip and brown bread.(GF)
Cabbage Rolls: Cabbage rolls made with brown rice served with cubed sweet potatoes.(GF)
Beef Liver & Onions: Served on top of mash potatoes, with carrot/ turnip mash & peas.
Mac, Meat & Cheese: Elbow noodles topped with a meat, tomato & cheese sauce, served with peas & corn on the side.(GF)
Meatloaf: With mashed potatoes with tomato sauce and Broccoli & Cheese on the side.


Chicken & Turkey

Breaded Chicken Breast: On top of caesar sauce on a red pepper rice pilaf with green & yellow beans and carrots.(D, LC)
General Tso’s Chicken: Sweet and sour boneless chicken with vegetable fried rice and bok choy.(D)
Sweet Sour & Chicken: Sweet and Sour Chicken served on top of rice with peas and corn.(GF)
Chicken Breast: Roasted chicken breast served with mashed potatoes with broccoli and cheddar cheese.(GF)
Roasted Chicken: Roasted Chicken served with mash potatoes and mixed vegetable and gravy.(GF)
Chicken Pot Pie: This Pie is filled with mixed vegetables in a gravy and apple crisp.
Chicken Chunks: Lightly breaded chunks of chicken served with mash potatoes and mixed vegetables.
Turkey with Stuffing: Turkey served with gravy on top of mash potatoes and dressing, carrots and peas on the side.(GF)


Tourtiere Meat Pie: Ground pork & beef topped with pastry and served with peas and mixed corn and bell peppers.(D)
Char Siu BBQ Pork: Barbecued pork loin with rice, sugar snap peas and mushrooms.(D, LF)
Bangers & Mash: With mashed potatoes, gravy and peas.(D)
Baked Ham: Baked Ham served with scalloped potatoes, peas and corn.
Seasoned Pork Loin: Marinated Pork Loin served with dressing, mash carrots and turnip.
BBQ Rib Style Pork Cutlet: BBQ Rib served on rice with corn and peas.(GF)
Breaded Boneless Pork Chop: served with gravy on mashed potatoes & dressing, carrots and peas on the side.


Baked Haddock: Served with a cheese sauce with seasoned potato wedges and mixed vegetables.(GF)
Salmon Dinner: Baked salmon with dill sauce, rice and mixed vegetables.(GF)
Fish and Chips: Lightly battered white fish served with potato wedges and corn.
Fish Cakes: Baked Fish cakes with corn meal served with sweet potato fries, creamed carrots and peas.


Mac & Cheese: Elbow noodles topped with a cheese sauce, served with peas & corn on the side
Vegetable Lasagna: Our 9 vegetables sauce with Spinach, cottage cheese, noodles topped with mozzarella cheese with a brownie.(GF)

New Entrees

Pizza: Served with Pesto Pasta.
Chicken Stir Fry: Served with Rice & Egg Roll.
Chili: Served on top of pasta with broccoli & cheese side.
Chicken Parm: 3oz Chicken Breast with tomato cheese sauce on a bed of spaghetti served with seasoned broccoli on the side.
BBQ Chicken Breast: 3oz Chicken Breast with a sweet BBQ sauce and mash potatoes served with peas and carrots on the side.
Spinach Alfredo Chicken: 3oz Chicken Breast with Spinach Alfredo sauce on a bed of spaghetti served with seasoned broccoli on the side
Beef Pot Pie: Peas, Carrots, Diced Potatoes and ground beef in a beef based sauce with pie crust on top served with a dessert on the side.
Western Omelet: 2 egg omelet with ham and diced onions with sweet potato hash brown on the side.