Information on Volunteering for MOW

The existence of Community Meals On Wheels would not be possible without the help of volunteers. Since 1973 volunteers have driven through rain or shine, sleet and snow to deliver meals to those who need them. They are vital to MOW’s Service.

Volunteers from various backgrounds (retired citizens, students, etc.) are screened and interviewed. The screening process includes a reference check and a Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) check. They are taken on a route with a seasoned volunteer to familiarize themselves with the delivery procedures. Volunteers have certain responsibilities in delivering the meals to clients. They are required to arrive at MOW, located at 33 Beaverbrook Avenue around eleven or eleven-thirty to ensure prompt meal delivery. They are encouraged to check meals and desserts to ensure that the number corresponds to their delivery list.

Volunteers are our most valuable resource.

A rewarding experience for all involved.

Join our team today!

For the safety of clients, volunteers are asked to hand meals directly to the clients to prevent any tampering or spoilage of the meal. If the volunteer cannot find a client, the volunteer is asked to phone the MOW office and the staff follows up to try to locate the client by contacting a family member or friend of the client. Volunteers return bags to¬†33 Beaverbrook Avenue and if they have concerns about any aspect of their volunteering they relay them to the staff. Records are kept of the volunteers’ mileage and a tax receipt is issued at the end of the year.


Interested in volunteering some of your time?

What program can I volunteer for?

You can volunteer with the hot meal program – noon delivery, or deliver frozen meals

Can you accommodate my busy schedule?

You tell us your schedule and we’ll fit you in! You can volunteer as much or as little as your schedule will allow.

How do I sign up to become a volunteer?

Signing up is simple and easy. Download our application

Do I receive any tax benefit from being a delivery driver?

You can receive a receipt for your mileage at the end of the year for income tax purposes.